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Terms of Use

Version: 1Published: 24 November, 2022

Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions for the Gaming Service.

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) generally regulate your relationship with Paf International Abp ("Paf" or the "Operator") and your access to and use of the gaming services offered by Paf through its website (the “Site”). The foregoing is established without prejudice to the specific terms and conditions that may apply to particular game modes accessible through the company's website. In this way, you should carefully read these Terms and Conditions of the agreement with Paf, the particular conditions of the games and services offered and Paf's Privacy Policy (hereinafter, jointly, "the Game Conditions"). We recommend that you print the documents.

These documents describe exactly the conditions under which the Gaming Service is governed and also explain how the Operator treats and uses your personal information. The purpose of the Gaming Conditions is to regulate the relationship between Paf, in its capacity as Internet gaming operator, and those natural persons who wish to access said services offered by Paf.

By entering the Gaming Service on the Operator's website, you expressly approve the current Gaming Conditions and undertake to respect them, as well as their modified version that may eventually be published by the Operator through its website. Indeed, by expressly accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are giving your consent to be contractually bound by them, which will continue in force until they are modified or the contract is terminated by one of the parties, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms. and Conditions.


We recommend that you check the Game Conditions each time you visit the Site, as they may be modified, in which case, however, we will notify such modifications at least one (1) month before they come into force and the Game client must expressly accept the new version. Thus, in the event that said modifications are not expressly accepted, Paf will be obliged not to renew the Terms and Conditions, thus terminating the contractual relationship.

These Terms apply to all Gaming Clients. If you wish to opt out of the obligation to abide by the terms of this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, or if you are under the age of eighteen (18), you may not enter or use the Gaming Service and must exit the Site immediately.


Paf is a Finnish company (registration number 3265596-8) and based in the Åland Islands, Finland. The Operator's address is Lövdalsvägen 8, Pb 241, AX-22101 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland. The Operator is a provider of personalised Internet gaming services, accessible to the public through the Internet under a license granted by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gaming in Spain (hereinafter "the Gaming Service''). In this sense, the Operator is the holder of the following qualifying titles: (i) General License for Other Games with Nº/REF: PROLG/00018 (valid until 01.06.2032); (ii) General Betting License with Nº/REF: PROLG/00017 (valid until 01.06.2032); (iii) Unique Roulette License with N°/REF: CGEN/06785 (valid until 01.06.2024); (iv) Singular Black Jack License with N°/REF: CGEN/06786 (valid until 01.06.2024); (v) Singular License for Slot Machines with N/REF: CGEN/04867 (valid until 01.06.2025); and (vi) Unique Counterparty Sports Betting License with N°/REF: PROLI/00027 (valid until 01.06.2027). Its activities are managed in the Åland Islands. Each of the games is received, accepted and performed in the Åland Islands.

The address of the legal representative in Spain of Paf International Abp, for notification purposes, is Cuatrecasas - Calle Almagro 9, 28010, Madrid.

Gaming Customers are individuals of 18 years of age or over, who have duly registered in accordance with the Operator’s General Terms and Conditions, and who have been accepted as gaming customers (hereinafter the “Gaming Customer”) of the Operator. In order to use the Gaming Service it is required that the Gaming Customer has deposited the funds for gaming fees and bets into the Operator’s bank account.

This agreement regulates the relationship between the Operator and the Gaming Customer, when the Gaming Customer is using the Gaming Service (hereinafter the “Agreement”). The rights and responsibilities pursuant to this Agreement may not be assigned to a third party. For instance, a Gaming Account may not be transferred from a Gaming Customer to a third party.

The Operator reserves the right to use subcontractors.

The Gaming Customer undertakes, during the term of his/her contractual relationship with the Operator, to adopt behaviours based on honesty and respect for other players and towards the Operator, and not to alter the normal progress of the games. Likewise, the Gaming Customer undertakes at all times to respect the basic rules of the games.

In the event of ambiguity between this Agreement and the Operator’s gaming rules, the following order of priority shall be complied with:

  • Gaming rules;

  • Agreement.

In this Agreement the term “Session” shall mean any of the occasions on which the Gaming Customer uses the Gaming Service.


2.1 Registration requirements

Natural persons who have reached the age of 18 and have an account with an electronic wallet or a bank account in a country with which the Operator has a payment cooperation can register as a Gaming Customer with the Operator.

A Gaming Customer shall be considered to be that natural person who, in compliance with the registration conditions and applicable regulations, completes the Operator's customer registration documentation, duly completing the registration form on the Operator's website.

The Gaming Customer is also responsible for:

  • be at least 18 years old;

  • not have limited legal capacity;

  • not act on behalf of a third party;

  • not be dependent or have problems associated with gambling;

  • not to deposit in the game account money obtained through illicit acts or from other prohibited means;

  • not carry out illicit, irregular, dishonest or fraudulent activities, directly or indirectly in relation to the Operator's gaming account.

By expressly accepting this Gaming Terms and Conditions Agreement, the Gaming Customer declares that he/she does not fall under any prohibition or restriction on participation in activities offered through the Operator’s website. If at any time the Gaming Customer is subject to any prohibition or restriction of this nature, he/she shall not participate in the games offered by the Operator on its website. The use by the Gaming Customer of the Operator's website and of the services available in the same must be purely personal, the professional or commercial use of them being expressly prohibited. In any case, only individuals may be registered and be Gaming Customers.

The Gaming Customer is responsible for the information provided through the registration form as a Gaming Customer, and guarantees that this information is complete, truthful and correct. At the request of the Operator, the Gaming Customer will complete the information at any time of the business relationship. The Gaming Customer undertakes to inform the Operator if there are any changes to his personal data, such as a change in contact information or bank details. Information regarding changes of name, user name and/or personal identification number must be communicated to the Operator in writing. The other data can be modified by the customer in the Gaming Service.

The Gaming Customer may not use a username or nickname on the Gaming Service that may be interpreted as insulting, offensive or provocative by others. The Operator has the right at any time to require that such a name is changed.

The Operator reserves the right to require the Gaming Customer to verify his/her identity, age or any other information given by him/her, for instance with copies of credit cards, photos, ID documents, and/or additional information for verifying identity upon the Operator’s sole discretion, as well as the right to collect, update and verify information through a third party. The Operator reserves this right throughout the customer relationship. Refusal by the Gaming Customer to comply with such a requirement shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement.

The Operator reserves the right to reject a registration started or cancel a registration made, in accordance with the applicable regulations and the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Registration and processing of personal data

The Gaming Customer expressly accepts that their personal data provided to the Operator will be incorporated into the Operator's Online Customer Registry and processed, as detailed in the Privacy Policy, so that the Operator can provide personalised Gaming services through Internet. The Operator has the right to use such information collected from the Gaming Customer, in accordance with the Privacy Policy, in connection with the personalised Internet gaming products and services provided by the Operator and/or its subcontractors. The Gaming Customer must be aware that said subcontractors may be located in third countries such as the United States of America, although in these cases the Operator guarantees the adoption of the necessary safeguards that ensure a level of protection of your personal data equivalent to that existing under the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Similarly, and in accordance with current regulations, the Operator may disclose certain personal information about the Gaming Client to the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling.

The information may also be used for the prevention and investigation of abuses or problematic situations and for the Operator to comply with the obligations towards customers and the authorities established by law, as well as with the decisions of public authorities. The Game Client agrees that the Operator obtains, updates and verifies information about it through third parties.

2.3 Notices by e-mail and text message

The Gaming Customer expressly agrees that the Operator may send him/her notices in relation to the Gaming Account, including service and legal messages, to the e-mail address the Gaming Customer has last registered with the Operator, and/or by using text messages (sms) to the mobile phone number that the Customer has last registered with the Operator. 

2.4 Confidentiality

The Operator shall treat all personal data in accordance with applicable law. Personal data may only be disclosed by the Operator in accordance with the Privacy Policy or otherwise where the Gaming Customer has expressly consented thereto or when it is required by law, in which case it follows the Agreement, or when it is required by law, statute or a ruling of an authority with competent jurisdiction.

2.5  Login details

During the Gaming Customer’s registration, he/she selects his/her login credentials (hereinafter “Login details”). These shall come into force once the Gaming Customer has accepted the terms and conditions of the Agreement and completed the registration after carrying out the identity verifications that may be relevant.

The Gaming Customer agrees to store and not reveal these details to third parties. Should the Gaming Customer suspect that an unauthorised person has learned of his/her Login details, the Gaming Customer shall immediately inform the Operator thereof.

The Operator may, after verifying solid indications of the aforementioned situation, temporarily suspend the gaming account, in order to adopt preventive measures. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Operator is not responsible for losses caused by the fact that the Login Data has been communicated to third parties. 

Should the Operator resolve to decline the registration, the Login Credentials shall be cancelled.


3.1 Use of the Gaming Account

The Operator shall open a personal Gaming Account for each registered Gaming Customer. The Gaming Account is intended for administration of the Gaming Customer’s gaming expenses or bets, for reimbursements to the Operator, payment of winnings and charging of potential service fees. The Gaming Account may only be used to participate in the Gaming Service. The Operator reserves the right to limit payments into the Gaming Account at any time for security reasons amongst others.

The registered e-wallet, bank account or other payment method must belong to the Gaming Customer personally, and each specific e-wallet/bank account/payment method can only be registered at one Gaming Account.

The Gaming Customer may use the Gaming Account only on his/her own behalf, and bets may only be made for the benefit of the Gaming Customer. The Gaming Customer shall not allow a third party access to the Gaming Services via his/her Gaming Account under any circumstances. Each Gaming Customer shall be responsible for any activity in his/her Gaming Account. Gaming Accounts may only be used for individual use. The Operator reserves the right to charge the Gaming Customer if the gaming account is used or suspected to be used for any other purposes than gambling, for example, but not limited to, deposits followed by immediate withdrawal. Suspicious behaviour will be reported to relevant authorities.

The Gaming Account may only be used for individual use. The Gaming Customer may open only one Gaming Account. The currency of the Gaming Account is the euro (EUR).

The Operator shall calculate and investigate all issues related to exchange rates at the time of the Gaming Event, in accordance with official exchange rates published by well-known international financial institutions. There may be small deviations in the funds deposited into the Gaming Account due to fluctuations in the exchange rates.

3.2 Expenses

The Gaming Customer shall be liable to pay all expenses that the bank may possibly debit for the payments made to the Operator’s bank account in the bank or for the credit transfers made between the accounts of the Operator, other external transaction providers, and the Gaming Customer. The Gaming Customer gives his/her consent to direct debiting of the Gaming Account for any service fees in accordance with the price list in force at that time (see section 6 below).

3.3 Processing and accounting of customer funds by the Operator

Funds deposited by the Gaming Customer are accountable funds. The Operator shall keep the customer funds separate from its own funds, and the customer funds shall be deposited in a bank account. The Gaming Customer gives his/her consent to the Operator storing the deposited funds in conjunction with the funds of other Gaming Customers.The distinction of the funds is made only in the Operator’s electronic Gaming Account bookkeeping.

3.4 Interest on Gaming Customer’s funds

The Operator shall not pay any interest on funds deposited in the Operator’s bank account by the Gaming Customer. The Operator shall not pay any interest on funds entered into the Gaming Account.

3.5 Gaming Customer’s right to use the funds in the Gaming Account

Funds in the Gaming Account may be used for gaming during the opening hours of the Gaming Service (see section 5 below), provided that the Gaming account has not been frozen, locked or closed. At the request of the Gaming Customer, the Operator shall give the order to transfer funds, within a maximum period to be determined according to applicable regulations, the credit recorded in the Customer Account, entirely or partly, after deducting possible service fees, and with a reservation for possible other deductions applicable under current regulations, into the bank account,e-wallet or other payment method the Gaming Customer has last registered with the Operator. Bonus money that has not been used in the Gaming Service will not be paid out.

Deposits and withdrawals from the Gaming Account may only be made to/from the Gaming Customer’s own bank account, e-wallet or other payment method belonging to the Gaming Customer, as well as in accordance with the rules currently applicable to deposits and withdrawals, available here.

The Gaming Customer is not entitled to funds, or any other remaining rights, benefits and/or winnings shown in the gaming account that have been obtained through cheating or other breaches of the gaming rules or the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, criminal activities, manipulation of the gaming system, or other inappropriate means. The Operator reserves the right to limit the Gaming Customer’s access to the Gaming Service and/or the right to withhold any funds shown in the Gaming Account for a time period decided by the Operator if the Operator suspects or can prove that the Gaming Customer has broken the gaming rules and/or the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, or for other reasons of security.

The Operator reserves the right to check and verify a Gaming Customer’s identity, title to a means of payment and entitlement to the funds before making a transfer at any time.

As a result of such checks, the Operator has the right to retain the funds registered in the gaming account and to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, is not responsible for any payment or other delays due to such checks. In the event that there are strong indications of irregular or fraudulent behaviour, it may take up to six (6) months to complete the check and verification. This period of time may be affected by legislation or decisions of the authorities. While said process is completed, the funds in question must be frozen in the gaming account of the Gaming Client, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

3.6 No pledging or currency speculation

The Gaming Account may not be used for currency speculation or to otherwise exploit changes in exchange rates. The Operator reserves the right, when necessary, to repay the funds deposited into the Gaming Account by the Gaming Customer in accordance with the exchange rate in force at the time of the deposit.

3.7 Possibility for the Customer to suspend the Gaming Account

The Customer may suspend the gaming function himself/herself for a time period he/she deems appropriate. Should this action be executed more than three times per calendar year, the Operator may, for responsible gaming purposes, consider terminating the customer’s account, and must then send the positive balance of the Gaming Account to the Gaming Customer through the method of payment accepted by the Gaming Customer and invite these customers to visit Spanish responsible gaming webpages. You can find more information about Responsible Gaming on the Operator's Site, available here.

3.8 Possibility for the Gaming Customer to lock his/her Gaming Account

The Gaming Customer may ask the Operator to lock his/her Gaming Account. Locking an account means here that the Gaming Customer wants to prohibit himself/herself from using his/her Gaming Account, and that he/she is to be prohibited from opening a new Gaming Account. The Operator will lock a Gaming Account at the request of the Gaming Customer. The Operator will confirm to the Game Customer that the lock has been completed by email. You can find more information about Responsible Gaming on the Operator's Site, available here.

At the request of a Game Customer to block a game account, the Operator reserves the right to also block any other game account that the Game Customer may have within the Paf Group.

3.9 Control over transactions

The Operator shall not issue any gaming certificate or receipt regarding individual transactions in the Gaming Account. The transactions shall be accounted electronically in the Gaming Service. The Gaming Customer agrees to check that the transactions made in his/her Gaming Account are congruent with the actions he/she has taken.

3.10 Complaints and expiration

Complaints regarding, for instance, erroneous payment or unreceived winnings shall be made in writing and delivered to the Operator within 30 days calculated from the moment the deviation was or should have been detected. Should the Operator not have received the complaint within the said time limit, the Gaming Customer shall lose his/her right to invoke the deviation.

Any enquiry or complaint must be sent by email to [email protected]. The Operator shall make every effort to resolve the matter satisfactorily. However, if the Gaming Customer is not satisfied, he/she is entitled to lodge any complaint with the National Gaming Commission. For more information, you can consult the dispute resolution services of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling at https://www.ordenacionjuego.es. In addition, and in accordance with the provisions of point 17, the Gaming Client may file a complaint against the Operator before the Spanish courts in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Spanish regulations, as well as present their claim before any of the alternative resolution of conflicts that appear in the following link:


The Gaming Customer shall immediately inform the Operator after having detected a failure in the closing, freezing, locking, etc. of the Gaming Account, whether performed by the Operator or the Gaming Customer.

The Operator has a contingency plan to be activated in the event that the website or software offered through the same becomes inoperative for any reason. In any case, the Operator does not guarantee that such software or services offered meet your expectations. Likewise, the Operator does not guarantee that the gambling services offered through its Web page cannot be interrupted or that they are completely free of computer viruses or errors, although it will use its best efforts to try to make it so.

3.11 External networks

For example betting and certain casino games are played on external networks provided by the Operator’s used subcontractors. These external networks are subject to the provisions of this Agreement and additional terms and conditions. Gaming Customers are advised to familiarise themselves with and read carefully these terms and conditions before making use of such external networks.

In the same sense, the Operator declines, to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable legislation, any responsibility regarding the information that is outside the Site and is not managed directly by the Operator. Likewise, the Operator will not be responsible for the contents or the state of third-party websites whose links may be contained in the Site, nor does their inclusion imply that the Operator approves them or shares their contents or the opinions that they may eventually contain.


4.1 General

The Gaming Customer undertakes, in addition to everything stipulated in this Agreement, to respect at all times the rules in force for all games provided by the Gaming Service. Violation of the rules of the game or of this Agreement automatically results in the nullity of the session and the Gaming Customer thus loses any prizes obtained from said invalid game. The Operator may declare the games invalid throughout the commercial relationship, as long as this is justified in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and with the applicable regulations.

If the Gaming Customer discovers a bug, or any other error in the system, he/she must immediately log out from the session of the Gaming Service. The Gaming Customer may never profit from a bug or error in the Gaming system. The Gaming Customer shall immediately inform the Operator after having detected a bug, forbidden behaviour, or any other error on or in connection to the Gaming Service.

4.2 Invalid games and forbidden behaviour

The Operator reserves the right to declare the Gaming Event of the Gaming Customer void, whether entirely or partly, should it become evident that, for example:

  • a session has been offered, requested or accepted on the grounds of an error;

  • the Customer or third parties acting in cooperation with the Customer, jointly or acting separately, intend to evade the Agreement; 

  • the Gaming Customer and/or any other party acting in cooperation with the Gaming Customer are interested in participating in the game and are able to directly or indirectly influence the end result; and/or

  • the final outcome of the Gaming Event has, directly or indirectly, been affected by unlawful activities.

The Gaming Customer must personally perform all actions in regards to the Gaming Account; all payments to the account shall be made solely for his/her own benefit. Third parties may not be given access to the Gaming Service through the Gaming Customer's Gaming Account.

The following behaviour, amongst other things, is strictly forbidden in relation to the Gaming Service:

  • Use or attempted use of external gaming assistance programs (“EPA” or external player assistance programs) including but not limited to program or non-program based profiles and databases, for instance websites and subscription services created with the purpose of giving the Gaming Customer an unfair advantage. By unfair advantage we mean a situation in which a Gaming Customer has access to or compiles information of other Gaming Customers beyond that which is accessible by the Gaming Customer’s own use of the Gaming Service;

  • Use or attempted use of artificial intelligence or software that will play on behalf of the Gaming Customer or direct the Gaming Customer on how to play, e.g. so-called "robots".

  • Collusion or attempted collusion by exchanging information on hidden cards or other means, irrespective of the outcome of such an attempt. The Operator reserves the right, in addition to other measures, to prevent and/or ban the Gaming Customer from playing at a particular table or tournament including the right not to allow two or more Gaming Customers to play at the same table or in the same tournament together;

  • Chip-dumping or attempted chip-dumping irrespective of the outcome of such an attempt;

  • Any attempt to change, modify, break down, reverse engineer or in some other way attempt to ascertain how the program is built; and/or

  • Any other fraudulent practice or attempted fraudulent practice deemed so by the Operator regardless of the result of such attempt, including, for example and without limitation, illegal, dishonest or inappropriate practices in the use of the Gaming Service, such as making bets using automated systems, processes or tools that distort the genuinely random nature of the corresponding bets and gaming services; using two or more game accounts; placing bets once the event in question has already happened or knowing in advance the outcome of the bet; recurrently use acts of bad faith and abuse of rights to place their bets (including, for example, making use of manifest errors in the odds offered); or, in general, the performance of any action with the clear objective of fundamentally altering the odds of a bet. The measures described or not described above, or any other type of manipulation of the game, the making of a fraudulent payment, including, but not limited to the use of a stolen credit card or account or the fraudulent rejection of debit, the illegal crediting, refund or money laundering.

The Operator reserves the right to take measures itself or via a third party supplier to discover and/or prevent collusion, use of EPA Programs, robots, chip-dumping and any other fraudulent or improper behaviour.

For all the cases indicated, as well as for all those decisions that the Operator adopts on any matter established in these Terms and Conditions, the Operator will communicate its decision to the Gaming Customer in a timely manner, including particularly the causes that justify it. and, when possible and applicable, prior to the end of the event or circumstance that motivates them. In particular, decisions to terminate the gaming contract with the Gaming Customer will be based on recorded elements of the Gaming Customer's conduct, who will be notified of being involved in the causes that motivate said termination at least forty-eight (48) hours before its materialization, without prejudice to what is established in the following paragraph in the event that the intended resolution is caused by fraudulent or collusive behaviour.

The information commitment that the Operator assumes by virtue of the immediately preceding section will not apply when the Operator's decision is specifically based on compliance with the legal obligations that are required of it as a gaming operator (such as periodic verification of identity of the participants, the precautionary suspension of the contract derived from a fraudulent or dishonest behaviour, or the obligations derived from the commitments on the responsible management of the game).

The Gaming Customer or the person seeking to register for the Gaming Service shall always be responsible for the legality of using and registering for the Gaming Service in the country or region in which they are located.

4.3 Limited areas

The Operator may not open Gaming Accounts or receive bets from persons located in certain countries of the world, such as for example the USA, Russia and Turkey. In this sense, the Gaming Customer guarantees that access to the Operator's Site and the use of its gaming services is not illegal where he/she resides or from where he/she is accessing them.

4.4 Limits on deposits

In compliance with the applicable regulations, Gaming Customers' deposits in the Operator’s Gaming Account shall not exceed the following limits: six hundred (600) euros per day, one thousand five hundred (1,500) euros per week, and three thousand (3,000) euros per month.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer may reduce the limits set out above, by sending an express individual request to the Operator which must take immediate effect.

Similarly, the Gaming Customer may request the Operator, also through an express and individualised request, to increase the deposit limits above the limits established in the first paragraph of this section, or even their disappearance.

The Operator may respond to said requests when the Client has satisfactorily passed the addictive behaviour prevention tests established for this purpose by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation, and has not shown risky behaviour in the last three (3) months, and the Operator must carry out a historical analysis of the gaming trajectory of the Gaming Customer for this purpose and as a consequence of said request. The entry into force of the new limits will take effect within three (3) days from the fulfilment of the above requirements. In any case, the operator may only agree to said request for an increase in the limits when at least three (3) months have elapsed since the last increase in said limits. Within thirty (30) days from the entry into force, if any, of the new limits, the Gaming Customer will not be able to receive any personalised promotion, although they may continue to use those granted prior to said date.

4.5 Illegal behaviour

The Operator has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal behaviour and can, should this occur, or there is a reasonable suspicion of it occurring, terminate the customer relationship and the Gaming Account immediately and it shall notify it together with any evidence obtained to the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation.


The Gaming Service is open to gaming activities during the hours determined by the Operator. The aforesaid also applies to the Operator’s customer service and other office functions.


Winnings as well as potential repayment of gaming fees or bets shall be automatically credited in the Gaming Account of the Gaming Customer. A Gaming Customer can request a transfer from the Gaming Account to a specified bank account, e-wallet or other payment method the Gaming Customer has registered with the Operator, provided that the Operator is able to support the payment method.

Winnings shall be paid to the Gaming Account within the maximum deadline specified by applicable regulations after the Operator receives instructions to this effect from the Customer. 

The Operator may delay this deadline in the event of exceptional circumstances relating to suspected fraudulent behaviour, and provided it notifies the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation.

Winnings cannot be exchanged or cashed in for another prize. The Gaming Customer is solely responsible for any taxes and fees which may arise in connection with a win. The Operator is in no way responsible for any consequences of the Gaming Customer’s transfer of winnings or any other action taken in connection with the winnings.

Gaming Customers requiring information on tax or legal issues are recommended to contact an advisor or the authorities in the country where the Gaming Customer resides.


7.1 General

In connection with some of the provided Games and sometimes in contact with our Helpdesk, the Operator or its subcontractors offers a real-time chat service (hereinafter “Chat Service”). For the Gaming Customers that use the Chat Service the following applies:

  • The Chat Service may only be used for communicating messages and material that is suitable, appropriate and which does not contravene the law and good practices of Finland or Spain, and which in general complies with the purpose of the Gaming Service. What fulfils these criteria is decided solely by the Operator.

  • The Operator neither endorses nor opposes the opinions of any Gaming Customer, but may take issue with the manner in which such are expressed if complaints are referred to with respect to defamatory, insulting, or inappropriate or offensive content.

7.2 Content and Conduct

The Gaming Customer acknowledges and agrees to be personally responsible for his/her use of the Chat Service and for all of his/her communication and activity on the Chat Service, including any Content the Gaming Customer contributes.

“Content” in this context means communications, documents, and all other material on the Chat Service. The Operator does not pre-screen the content available on the Chat Service and the Operator does not assume any responsibility or liability for Content that is provided by Gaming Customers on the Chat Service.

The Operator or its subcontractor reserves the right to remove at any time, and without giving any reason, Content that is objectionable to the Operator or to its subcontractor for any reason. The Operator and/or its subcontractor does not assume any liability for any failure to remove or any delay in removing Content.

The Gaming Customer’s conduct should be guided by commonly accepted conduct rules.

The Gaming Customer violates the terms of use if he/she does any of the following:

  • Posts, transmits or facilitates distribution of content that is prohibited or illegal, or Content that could be harmful, abusive, racist, or in any other sense could be deemed objectionable. Discrimination is not tolerated;

  • Promotes or encourages any illegal activity, breach of this Agreement or of the gaming rules (cheating); 

  • Harasses, threatens, embarrasses, or does anything else to another Gaming Customer and/or the chat host that is unwanted, or disrupts the flow of chat in the Chat Service with vulgar or abusive language, technical misuse, use of excessive shouting (all caps), or flooding (posting repetitive text) or similar conduct;

  • Attempts to get a password, other account information, or other private information from other Gaming Customers. Employees of the Operator shall NEVER ask Gaming Customers for login details or any other private information;

  • Posts messages for any purpose other than personal communication, posts content that contains a virus or transmits advertising, promotional materials, or makes any commercial use of the Operator’s Chat Service;

  • Impersonates another person or indicates that he/she is an employee of or that he/she represents the Operator or any of the Operator’s affiliates or associated companies;

  • Other behaviour deemed inappropriate by the Operator, e.g. false security reports.

7.3 Security

The Chat Service is a real-time service, and for that reason the Operator does not endorse, approve, or pre-review the content that Game Clients broadcast via the Chat Service. Therefore, Game Customers are requested to be aware of the risks to their security when communicating with other Game Customers via the Chat Service. Sensitive information, such as identity document numbers or means of payment, can only be communicated to the Operator's Customer Service team, when the purpose is to identify the Game Customer.

Anything a Game Customer says or writes through the Chat Service may be monitored by representatives of the Operator.

7.4 Infringements

If a Gaming Customer violates the content or conduct terms, the Operator may take action against the Gaming Customer. The Operator may issue a warning to him/her regarding the violation, or may choose to freeze the Chat Service or immediately terminate the Gaming Customer’s Gaming Account. The Operator shall notify the Gaming Customer of this measure.

7.5 Illegal behaviour

The Operator has a zero tolerance policy for illegal behaviour, and can, should this occur or there is reasonable suspicion of this occurring, terminate the Customer relationship and the Gaming Account immediately and cooperate with the relevant authorities if there are grounds to do so.


The Gaming Customer, not limiting his/her statutory rights, expressly acknowledges and agrees to the following:

A. The Gaming Customer uses the Gaming Service at his or her own risk. The Gaming Service is provided "as is." The Operator expressly disclaims all express or implied representations or warranties.

B. All gaming activities are undertaken at the Gaming Customer’s own risk.

C. Certain delays can occur in the Operator’s system/network. The Operator reserves the right to set the result of each Gaming Event in the Gaming Service. By registering as a Gaming Customer and using the Gaming Service, the Gaming Customer is bound by such decisions.

D. The Operator does not guarantee, amongst other things:

  1. that the Gaming Service will meet the Gaming Customer’s expectations; 

  2. that the Gaming Service will be accessible without interruption or in a timely, reliable or fault-free manner;

  3. that the results obtained through use of the Gaming Service will be correct and reliable;

  4. that the quality of the products, services, information or other material purchased or obtained by the Gaming Customer through the Gaming Service will meet the Gaming Customer's expectations.

E. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Game Client is solely responsible for damage to its computer system or loss of information resulting from the download of content from the Game Service.

F. No guidance or information, written or oral, obtained from the Operator or via the Gaming Service, shall constitute any warranty, which has not specifically been stated in these Terms and Conditions.


The Gaming Customer specifically acknowledges and agrees that in as much as is permitted by applicable law the Operator shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, including but not limited to, delay or inability to use the Gaming Service, loss of profits, goodwill, licences of data or any other financial loss arising out of:

  1. the use of the Gaming Service or inability to use the Gaming Service;

  2. costs arising from acquiring a replacement of any product or service that is based on any item, data, information or service purchased through the Gaming Service, from any message received through the Gaming Service or any transactions made by means of the Gaming Service;

  3. third party claims against the Gaming Customer;

  4. unlawful access to or modifications of data transmissions; or 

  5. any other circumstances related to the Gaming Service.

The Operator exempts itself from any claims for damages relating to provision of the Gaming Service’s, access, function, quality, possible errors such as spelling errors, bugs and other factors relating to the Gaming Service to the extent permitted by law.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall operate in such a way as to exclude any liability of the Operator for death or personal injury caused by Operator's negligence.


To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Operator is not responsible for damages suffered by the Gaming Customer due to force majeure or other similar circumstances that directly or indirectly affect the Operator's activities, which even if it could have been foreseen are unavoidable (force majeure). Examples of cases of force majeure are actual or potential labour disputes, measures taken by authorities, wars or threats of war, sabotage, civil disobedience, demonstrations, fires, storms, floods, explosions, earthquakes, decisions or limitations regarding the material or resources, impossibility of obtaining the necessary permits, disasters or failures in the electrical supply or in telecommunications.

These causes of force majeure or other events not dependent on the Operator and that prevent, delay or hinder the provision of the Gaming Service, entitle the Operator to interrupt or limit the functions until further notice.


The Operator reserves the right to make amendments to the Gaming Service as well as, when necessary, to amend the gaming rules. Any amendments shall be notified in the Gaming Service.

Likewise the Operator reserves the right to amend the Gaming Conditions expressed in the present agreement at any time, and such amendments must be expressly accepted by the Gaming Customer, as stated in the present Terms and Conditions.

Should the Gaming Customer not wish to accept the amendments to the Gaming Conditions, he/she may terminate his/her contractual relationship with the Operator by sending it written notification. Termination by the Gaming Customer shall not affect his/her acquired rights. 


The Gaming Customer may end the customer relationship with the Operator by serving a written notice of termination of the Agreement. Before terminating the customer relationship, the Operator shall wait until the end results of any open Gaming Events have been received. Upon termination of the customer relationship the Operator, where there are funds in the Gaming Account that the Gaming Customer is entitled to, shall at the request of the Gaming Customer, transfer the funds to the bank account, e-wallet or other payment method the Gaming Customer has registered with the Operator, provided the Operator can support the payment method.


The Operator may limit the gaming account, block the gaming account and/or immediately terminate the customer relationship in the following cases; as well as in all those other cases in which, after carrying out the pertinent checks, the Operator finds solid indications that the Gaming Client has engaged in some illicit, irregular, fraudulent or dishonest conduct, in line with what is established in the section 4.2. of these Terms and Conditions:

  • The Gaming Customer violates the terms of the Agreement or the rules of the game or acts fraudulently, irregularly, illegally or dishonestly. For illustrative but not limiting purposes, placing bets using automated systems, processes or tools that distort the genuinely random nature of the corresponding bets and gaming services will be considered fraudulent, irregular, illicit or dishonest conduct; using two or more gaming accounts; placing bets once the event in question has already happened or knowing in advance the outcome of the bet; recurrently use acts of bad faith and abuse of rights to place their bets (including, for example, making use of manifest errors in the odds offered); or, in general, taking any action with the clear objective of fundamentally altering the odds of a bet;

  • The Gaming Customer is equipped, according to the Operator, in an inappropriate or prohibited manner in connection with the Gaming Service;

  • The coverage of the funds is insufficient to charge the agreed service fees;

  • The Operator has reasonable grounds to question the right of the Gaming Customer to dispose of the game account;

  • The Operator has verified, after carrying out the relevant checks, the commission or attempted commission of a crime, misuse or fraud when using the Gaming Service;

  • The Client has reached its own loss limits, or those established in a mandatory manner by the Operator, which are applicable at any given time;

  • No transactions have been recorded on the gaming account for a period of 24 months. In this event, as well as in the event that the Gaming Customer has not logged in for an uninterrupted period of 24 months, his/her user registration will be considered inactive and the account will be suspended. In the event that the Gaming Customer wishes to reactivate your registration, he/she must contact Customer Service;

  • When the Operator, by virtue of the legislation or a decision of the authorities, has been forced to do so;

  • When it is justified, for example, for reasons of security, responsible gambling or to preserve its reputation, among others, in accordance with the applicable regulations and these Terms of Conditions;

  • When the Operator finds clear indications that the gaming behaviour of the Gaming Customer denotes problems of addiction or control over said gaming activity.

In the event that the Operator observes any of the behaviours described above, said behaviour may lead to the termination of the commercial relationship between the Operator and the Gaming Customer, all of this, in accordance with what is described in these Terms and Conditions.

The decisions adopted by the Operator in relation to any of the aspects regulated in these Terms and Conditions must be based on reasons validly accepted in Law, appraised, and specified in these Terms and Conditions. When the facts that motivate our decision occur, whenever possible, said decision will be communicated to the Gaming Customer in a timely manner.

When making any of the aforementioned decisions, the Operator will respect the provisions of section 4.2 above.

Freezing can occur in relation to the entire Gaming Service, or be limited to certain games or services provided.

The Operator reserves the right for any of the above causes, or if the operator finds it otherwise justified, to deny the opening of an account to any person or specify a deposit and/or gaming limit lower than the one specified by the customer.

The above causes may also result in the Gaming Customer being denied the opening of another Gaming Account within the Paf Group and any other Gaming Account that the Gaming Customer may have within the Paf Group being restricted or blocked.

The Operator also reserves the right to apply the mandatory loss limits in conjunction with any other Gaming Account that the Gaming Customer may have within the Paf Group.

The Operator shall have the right to retain funds shown in the Gaming Account and/or reclaim such funds where they have been acquired through cheating, fraud or other breaches of the gaming rules or the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, criminal conduct, manipulation of the Gaming Service or any other inappropriate manner including attempts at such conduct or suspicion thereof.

If the game account is considered inactive, it will be cancelled if it is not used within four (4) years after its suspension.

After the relationship with the Gaming Customer has ended or the Gaming Account has been suspended, the Operator will collect the pending charges and the applicable administrative fees. And when there are funds in the Gaming Account to which the Gaming Customer is entitled, he shall, at the request of the Gaming Customer, transfer the funds to the bank account, electronic wallet or other payment method that the Gaming Customer has registered with the Operator, provided that the Operator can support the payment method. The Operator reserves the right to request that the Gaming Customer verify her identity and/or take other necessary actions.

If the Gaming Customer does not contact the Operator within four (4) years from the end of the relationship with the client or from the suspension of the Gaming Account, the right of the game client to remaining funds in the Gaming Account.

Funds obtained from invalid games or other violations of the Agreement will not be paid out as the Gaming Customer has lost its rights to them (see item 3.5).

The Gaming Customer whose account has been blocked or whose business relationship has been terminated due to the reasons mentioned above or deemed necessary by the Operator shall not have the right to participate in the Operator's physical gaming tournaments or other events organised by the Operator.


All the content of the Operator's Site, including, among others, the text, trademarks, the Operator's own name or denomination and all its distinctive signs (by way of example, but not exhaustive, logos, symbols, trademarks, trade names domain names, industrial designs, animations, drawings, audiovisual content, etc.), the graphics, animations, videos, music, audio, logos, icons and images available on the Site, as well as the software and all the technology used on the Site for the correct provision of the Services, is the exclusive property (either originally or via the corresponding license), who consequently holds the intellectual and industrial property rights (hereinafter the Intellectual Property Rights) over the same, according to the applicable regulations and international conventions on copyright.

The Gaming Customer hereby accepts that, by using the software or services offered by the Operator, it does not obtain any rights over the Intellectual Property Rights, beyond the non-exclusive license to use the Site granted to it. , during the duration of their contractual relationship, for the sole purpose of being able to enjoy the services offered by the Operator.

In the same sense, the Gaming Customer undertakes not to take any action or take any measure that may prejudice the validity of the Intellectual Property Rights, and will not take any action or take any measure that may depreciate the value of the Rights. of Intellectual Property, harm their image or undermine Paf's credit in the market.

The use of the Intellectual Property Rights owned by the Operator outside the assumptions and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions will be cause for their non-renewal and, consequently, for the termination of the current contractual relationship between the Gaming Client and the User. operator, and the player must indemnify the Operator for damages of any kind that said use would have caused.


This Agreement will enter into force on the day it is expressly accepted by the Gaming Client and will remain in force as long as it is not modified and/or terminated by any of the parties, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Indeed, this Agreement may be terminated by the Operator for any of the causes provided for in current legislation, as well as by the Gaming Client at any time by sending a written notification to the Operator.

The termination of this Agreement by the Gaming Client will not affect the rights acquired prior to the termination of the Agreement.


The common legislation of Spain will be applied in the Agreement. The resolution of any dispute that arises with respect to, or in connection with, this Agreement, its interpretation, execution, performance, or the Parties and their relationship, will be settled before the courts of your place of residence or before the courts that hold the jurisdiction for its resolution in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation on the protection of consumers and users.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the player will have the right to submit their claim to any of the alternative dispute resolution bodies listed at the following link:

https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm ?event=main.home.chooseLanguage