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Online Sports Betting

Paf allows you to bet on most sporting events in the world, the best European football leagues such as the Premier League or La Liga, the TOP leagues of fashionable sports such as the NBA, the NHL or the Euroleague, without forgetting the best Tennis or Formula 1. In addition, at Paf you can bet on sports such as Darts, Cricket, Winter Sports, Snooker and much more!

How to bet on Paf?

When you open your account, you can start placing your sports betting forecasts online, choose the event, the fee, place the amount you want to bet, and that's it, bet placed!

The Cashout feature gives you the option to sell your bets before the end of the event to minimize losses or maximize profits. Also, you can build your bet with BetBuilder and choose PrePacks for your favourite events. Discover all the advantages of betting on Paf!

Personalized Bonuses and Offers

You can start enjoying promotions; By becoming an eligible promotion user, you can join our open promotions and receive personalized sports betting bonuses, online casino bonuses and slots bonuses.

Sports Betting Bonuses in Paf

Once you are an eligible customer and your gaming history is mainly focused on Sports Betting, you will be able to receive promotions from:

Real money for depositing and placing bets in a certain period of time, with no minimum fee. Cashback where you can recover part of your losses or Turnover promos, where you will receive bonus money that you must bet a number of times before it becomes real money.

Bet Types

You can make several types of bets, the simple bets are those in which you place a single bet on a specific event; The combined ones are those in which you add several simple bets in the same ticket, to win you must hit all the simple bets. The total odds of the bet is calculated by multiplying the odds of each single bet included in the bet.

The handicap in Online Sports Betting

Handicap bets are those where there is a clear favorite and a handicap is used to make a bet more attractive by adding difficulty to the clear favorite winning, for example the favorite team starting with a fictitious handicap of -1.5 goals, in case of winning with more than 2 goals difference, the bet would be won.