Yearly Loss Limit

Every player that plays at Paf is automatically covered by our Yearly Loss Limit. This limit means that no Paf player can lose more than €20,000 in a calendar year. The limit for players between 18-24 year is €10,000.


  • Total stakes: €10,000
  • Total wins: €7,500
  • Total loss: €2,500

Amount remaining to your Yearly Loss Limit: €17,500

How are losses calculated?

Profit or loss is calculated as stakes minus winnings.

  • The measurement continues automatically during each calendar year (1 January - 31 December).
  • The Yearly Loss Limit is reset on 1 January.

What happens if a player reaches the Yearly Loss Limit?

Once a player reaches the €20,000/€10,000 limit, they are blocked from playing until the next calendar year.

  • If this happens during a game, an error message will appear and the game will stop.
  • A player who has reached the limit is still able to withdraw money from their gaming account.

Why is the yearly loss limit lower for young players?

Research shows that young players are at greater risk of developing a gambling problem. Therefore, we have chosen to halve the yearly loss limit for our young players.

Why is the Annual Loss Limit lower for young players?

Studies show that young gamers are at higher risk of developing a gambling problem. Therefore, we have chosen to halve the annual loss limit for our young players.

Is it possible to avoid reaching the Yearly Loss Limit?

We make no exceptions to our Yearly Loss Limit. However, all players can limit their potential losses by using our Loss Limit tool to set daily, weekly and/or monthly limits. We advise that our players make a careful assessment of their own financial situation in order to set realistic limits that will be effective for them.

Support will be happy to assist you if you have further questions.

Yearly Loss Limit