Paf Responsible Gaming Summit 2015 - Speakers

Anders Ingves

CEO, Paf
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Anders has been working in management positions in Norway, Sweden and Finland for the last 30 years in shipping, banking and marketing. Since spring of 2009 he has been leading Paf as CEO of the Paf group.

Sille Krukow

Leading Nudge and Behavioural Design Expert, Krukow
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Sille is a Danish Behavioural Design Expert, who has been working with multinational clients since 2008, defining challenges, developing nudges and changing human behaviour. Sille leads workshops in behavioural design, and gives lectures on the importance of designing behaviour at recognized institutes, such as CU Denver, Pratt Institute, and more. Sille holds an MA in Visual Communication Design from the Royal Design School. She is a former behavioural director at iNudgeYou, expert and host of Danish national TV’s “The Power of Habit” on DR1, and the founder of Krukow ApS, a Danish consultancy firm which helps a wide array of national and international clients, expand, diversify and improve their business. At Krukow, they create choice architecture and provide evidence-based insights, in order to implement strategic solutions, increasing productivity, customer experience and ultimately – revenue. Working from the ground up, they gather data, map behaviour and develop prototypes, in order to create the right solution for companies.

Carin Kappe

Deputy Director, Ministry of Finance, Sweden
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Ms Carin Kappe, Swedish, lives in Stockholm , 51 yrs. Law degree from Stockholm University. 1990-2001 Swedish Consumer Agency / 2001-2006 Consumer Affairs, Swedish Governmental Offices / 2006-2010 Swedish Gambling Authority / 2010 – Gambling Regulation, Swedish Governmental Offices

Francesco Rodano

Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli, AAMS, Italy
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Francesco, born in Rome in 1970, has a degree in Statistics. After working in marketing and ecommerce for a number of private companies, in June 2007 he moved to AAMS (now ADM), where he accomplished the reform of the regulation and the introduction of poker, casino and slots games. He is a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Gambling Services.

Taivo Põrk

Lawyer, Ministry of Finance, Estonia
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Taivo has been responsible for designing and executing national gambling policy in Estonia through legislation since 2011, as part of his duties in Ministry of Finance. He has also been a member in Expert Group on Gambling Services since its inception by the European Commission in 2012.

Jani Selin

Senior Researcher, THL, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland
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Jani works as a senior researcher at the National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland. Selin holds a PhD in sociology, and for a decade his research has focused on the regulation of addictive behaviors in contemporary societies. Selin´s recent research has dealt with the politics of responsible gambling.

Dr Giuseppe A. Veltri

Lecturer in Social Psychology of Communication, University of Leicester, UK
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Giuseppe is Lecturer in Psychology of Communication at Media and Communication Department of the University of Leicester. He is also an associated researcher of UOC ASSBE research group. Giuseppe has worked as junior scientist at the European Commission Joint Research Centre IPTS (Seville) between 2008 and 2011 where he contributed to set up the IPTS behavioural economics studies research group. His research interests focus on public opinion research, social representations, social network analysis, behavioural economics and social psychology of economic life. Giuseppe has contributed to designing the experiments for the four behavioural studies realised by the LSE & Partners consortium in European Commission Framework on behavioural research for consumer protection: “Study on Tobacco Labelling and Packaging”; “Testing of different approaches to CO2/Car labelling and the effectiveness of mandatory consumer information in promotional material”; “Study on the impact of marketing through social media, online games and mobile applications on children´s behaviour”; “Study on online gambling and adequate measures for the protection of consumers of gambling services”.

Thomas Nilsson

Certified psychologist, founder Sustainable Interaction
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Thomas is a certified psychologist specialized in addictions. He has more than 25 years experience from working with problem gambling and over 30 years experience from working with alcohol and drug addictions. Thomas is the founder of Sustainable Interaction (SI), a company specialized in problem gambling and responsible gambling. SI has developed many cutting edge products within the field, for example Gamtest, PlayScan, responsible gambling training and education online as well as online self help program for problem gamblers. SI has cooperated with gambling operators, nationally as well as internationally, striving to improve their knowledge in problem gambling. In Sweden, Thomas Nilsson initiated the Swedish national help line for problem gamblers and operated it for eleven years on a mission from the Swedish National Public Health Institute. He was also involved in the research team that undertook a prevalence study for the Swedish Government between the years 1997-2000. SI is still involved in the ongoing Swedish longitudinal prevalence study.

Daniela Johansson

Chief Responsibility Officer, Paf
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Daniela has been working in the gaming industry and Paf since 2001. She started her career in the technical side of the business and has since then worked in both project- and team leading positions. The last couple of years her focus has been on responsible gaming. Since September 2014 she is part of the top management at Paf. She believes that responsible gaming is very important to the business and is a prerequisite in order to have long-lasting customer relationship.

Hannu Rinkinen

Yhteiskuntavastuupäällikkö, RAY
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Hannu is 55 years old and has been working in different areas in RAY’s gambling business almost three decades. He has been working all over Finland as a croupier, sales manager, key account manager in marketing, project manager in IT processes. Since 2009 he has been working in RAYs Social Responsibility department as a manager.

Hillevi Stuhrenberg

Responsible Gaming Manager, Betsson
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Hillevi is the Manager for CSR & Responsible Gaming for Betsson Group. She has been employed with Betsson since 2007 and prior to this she was the manager of the Drugs Services of the National Treatment Agency in Malta for a number of years. Health. Her work experience is extensive and varied in the field of mental health and addiction in Sweden as well as in Malta where she has been residing since 1994. Betsson has been internationally recognized for their innovative Responsible Gambling program at several industry award events.

Monica Medvall

Director International relations/Strategy CSR, Svenska Spel
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Monica has over 25 years of experience from the gaming industry. She has had different positions in Svenska Spel in departments such as International, Marketing and Communications.She was part of the work in setting up a joint company with lottery operations with Olifeja, the Lithuanian Gaming Company under her time in the International Dpt.Monica has been the head of the Business Intelligence Dpt for several years. Since two years she works within the CSR Dpt and responsible for CSR strategy and International relations. She is a member of the European Lotteries working group for Responsible Gaming. Monica has a Master Degree in Strategy.


Anders Sims

Director of Communications, Paf

As Communications Director Anders is responsible for Paf's overall image. He is a former journalist who joined Paf in 2008 to create PR, both for Paf as a company and the products. Since 2013 he is part of Paf's top management and involved in the work with responsible gaming.

Johanna Backholm

Deputy CEO, Paf

Johanna came to Paf in 2002. With studies in psychology and background in HR she became a part of top management in Paf 2009 and has from then had the overall HR responsibility in the Paf group. From 2013 she was appointed the Deputy CEO of Paf. Johanna is very much driven by the curiosity on how to improve collaboration and performance in teams and see the work HR does as the enabler for organisational success. Only growing people will grow the business, and one of the most important tasks of the leaders in Paf is to make this happen.

Gustaf Hoffstedt

General Secretary, BOS

Gustaf lives in Uppsala, Sweden and is 41 years. He has academic studies in Literary History. During 2006-2010 he was Municipal Commissioner in Gotland and between 2010-2015 he was a Member of Parliament. From 2015 Gustav is now the Secretary General in BOS, The Association of Online Gambling Operators.

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